1955-1964 Semans Wheat Kings

1955-1964 Semans Wheat Kings

The 1955-64 Semans Wheat Kings were a senior men's team that played in the Last Mountain Hockey League. The village of Semans was established in 1908 and organized hockey was started in the community in the same year.

As winners of five league championships and five provincial intermediate "C" championships, the Semans Wheat Kings were a dominant force for roughly a decade.

The Wheat Kings dominance during that time was triggered by their players, coach, management's passion and commitment for the game.

Gordon MacMurchy was the playing coach. His guidance and leadership were instrumental for the Wheat Kings during their time of dominance in the Last Mountain Hockey League and small-town Saskatchewan hockey. Team management included Sherry Bassin, Lawrence Smith, Gordon Marshall, Art Christian, Mel Bregg, Russ Hodgins, Alan Massey, and Warren Shiels.

The passion and commitment for the sport by the team instilled a love and appreciation for the game in the Semans area and the Last Mountain Hockey league.

Wheat King players included:

Gordon MacMurchy, Mel Baxter, Larry Morrison, John Murney, Bob Pickrell, Glen Wheatley, Lloyd Masur, Ken Donaldson, Ivan Phillips, Claude Finch, Ed Lane, Al Hertz, Glen Murray, Cal Pickrell, Maynard Phillips, Ron Mackay, Al Anderson, Erwin Meyer, Bill Thomson, Marvin Cole, Ted Geisbrecht, Fred Campbell, John Campbell, Gib Murney, Armand Okell, Gordon Lyall, Frank Phillips, George Lamb, Wayne Kempton, Jim Jamieson, Bill Groves, Wayne Marshall, Jerry Jamieson, Vic Cole, Wayne Thompson.

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